AC DC Power Supplies by Programmable Power

AC DC Power Supplies by Programmable Power


If you need a programmable power supply, look no further the company Programmable Power! This company has the highest quality electronic power supply in the entire industry and over the years has built a positive reputation in the electronics community. While all their products are top of the line, perhaps they are best known for their programmable lab power supply.

Now you may be wondering what exactly a programmable power supply is. To put it simply, it is an electronic power supply that allows for output voltage to be controlled via a remote signal. It could have its own remote control or it could be controlled by a programmed computer. The interface for the computer program is usually RS232 or GPIB. With this you can control just about every aspect of the power that you choose. You can modify the current, the frequency and voltage all with a tap of your finger or a turn of the dial.

The lab power supply has a processor that is able to compute and modify the output of the programming circuits while also including exceptional protection security from over current, short circuit and overvoltage. All these things could wreak havoc on any electronic device! Programmable power devices can even compensate for the temperature variance to provide even more protection. There are a variety of electronic power supply models that would fit any do-it-yourself workbench. Some are mounted right on the work bench while others come in a modular form or can even be installed right on the wall.

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